South America

Our trip through Latin America – Mexico, Central and now South America – took us from sea level to the height of the Andes, from country farms to mega-cities, from peasants and natives to European populations, from natural beauties to industrial development. It felt like we were time traveling as we continuously went from modern cities to mountain villages that looked like they hadn’t changed in hundreds – if not thousands – of years.

Christmas and New Years provided opportunities to join in the local celebrations and get to know the people better. We visited witches markets as well as regular food ones, watched women using traditional weaving methods (and bought some from them), ate all sorts of neat and/or weird things like alpaca, and met many wonderful people.

In order traveled

Quito – On The Equator
Bahia de Caraquez – Where’s The Beach?
Guayaquil – A What Peed on You?
Cuenca – Mountain Culture

Lima – European Charm & S.A. Poverty
Cuzco – Coca Tea for Altitude Sickness
Machu Picchu – Enchanting Lost City

Copacabana & Lake Tititcaca
La Paz – Highest Capital City in the World

Santiago – Lovely Captial
Puerto Varas – The Beauty
Puerto Montt – and The Beast

Ushuaia – The Southern-most City
El Calafate – Patagonia Nature
Bariloche – Banff-Like Setting & Chocolate Lovers’ Dream
Buenos Aires – Tango and So Much More
National Wine Festival, the Andes & Mendoza Countryside
You will get wet! Iguazu Falls

Montevideo – Capital City
Chuy & Chui – Border Between Uruguay & Brazil

Porto Allegre – Culture Shock: No Spanish!
Manaus – The Amazon
Salvador – Little Africa in S. America
Ilheus – Beach, Books & Beer
Teixeira de Freitas – Get Us Out Of Here!
Sao Paulo – Big, Tough, Hot & Heavy
Rio de Janeiro – Beaches & Markets
Ilha Grande – Caribbean Paradise
Foz de Iguazu – Stunning Natural Wonder