North America

Well, the home continent is the one the traveler is least likely to do justice to. Either the love of country blinds the writer to its weaknesses or the everyday quality of it seems uninteresting. I’ve lived in Canada (38 years), the United States (8 years), Mexico (9 months) and now Costa Rica (6 months). When asked, I identify myself as a Canadian-American as I hold citizenship in each country. I also love both – and at times really wonder “what are they thinking?” but generally I’m proud that part of my heart resides in each.

I could write a few books on the three largest North American countries but will limit myself to a few pages for each with many links so that readers can find up to date information to plan their travels. The Central American countries are smaller but still have an awful lot to offer. I think travelers there are always amazed at how diverse the countries are considering they are so small – especially by Canadian and American standards.

8 Countries in which I’ve lived or visited (in alphabetical order):

Costa Rica Image Map
Costa Rica
United States
North America