When we told people that Africa was one of the six continents we would be visiting during our ‘round the world trip, many said that they had never considered going there. I’m not entirely sure what decided us to go to the ‘dark continent’ but likely our many African-American and African-Canadian friends had influenced the decision – however unconsciously.

Planning began with the country of South Africa where we looked forward to seeing the changes the end of apartheid had brought. We would also be working at a baboon sanctuary for four weeks caring for abandoned babies. After that, we didn’t really know how we would make our way around the mostly undeveloped continent. We decided on two overland trips, the first for two weeks and the second (in case the first wasn’t good) for three. That would take us from Namibia in southwestern Africa up to Nairobi, Kenya in the southeastern part of the continent.

During the second overland trip, we made friends with two women – one a Canadian and one an Irishwoman – who convinced us to join them in Egypt. We ended up staying in the northeastern country for four weeks with a most wonderful week spent cruising the Nile and visiting tombs and temples.

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