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Content Planner & Writer; Photographer: www.dorisgallan.com

Guest Blogger: Travel Experta ~ Boomer Traveler
»  Why Costa Rica is an Easy Place to Start Your Travels
    Part 1: What Makes It Easy
    Part 2: Do Your Research
    Part 3: Great for Active Baby Boomers
    Part 4: Getting More Out of Your Vacation
»  Be Aware and Stay Safe
    Part 1: How to Avoid Being a Victim of Crime
    Part 2: Be Safe in Your Accommodations
    Part 3: 10 Dos and 10 Don’ts for Safe Travel
    Part 4: Knowing When to Trust the Locals
»  Traveling with a Mission
    Part 1: Three Important Assumptions
    Part 2: Gaining a Better Understanding of the World
    Part 3: Making the World a Better Place
    Part 4: Learning or Enhancing a Skill

»  Last of a series of Baby Boomers Traveling in Costa Rica: How are Baby Boomers Traveling Different?

Writer for series of home improvement articles:
Dishwashers (various brands)
Furnace Ignitors (various brands)
Grill Ignitors (various brands)
Oven Ignitors (various brands)
Roofing (various states)
Washing Machines (various brands)

Website Creator & Writer for Las Libres: Researched and wrote all English text on the Centro Las Libres website. This is an organization that works to advance and defend sexual and reproductive rights in Mexico.

University of Southern California, Director of External Relations
Created, planned and wrote all text related to the USC External Relations web sites (www.usc.edu/ext-relations/), including Government Relations (www.usc.edu/ext-relations/gr/), the Community Education Academy (www.usc.edu/ext-relations/cea/about/) and the Good Neighbors Campaign
(www.usc.edu/ext-relations/gnc/ ).