Philosophy of Travel

The connection between writing and traveling is obvious – to me – but it may not be so for others. Travel provides more material to write about than I could use in a lifetime. It gives me countless opportunities to learn about people, discover new places, taste new foods and drinks, experience new sensations and develop new ideas. The only thing I enjoy more than living through these experiences is telling people about them.

I’m currently writing a book on how to travel on the cheap at any age so that others may experience my passion for themselves. My so-far-untitled tome will cover the usual subjects of accommodations, transportation, communications, keeping healthy and safe – all while having fun. Sprinkled among the how-to hints will be stories of our experiences and misadventure traveling in 47 countries on seven continents (yes, we managed to witness some minor calamities even in Antarctica). The stories are entertaining but also carry a moral: no matter what happens, you survive, you eventually laugh about it, and you get a great story to tell others.

The stories in the travel blog were written as we traveled between April 2006 and the official end of the around the world trip in May 2008. Check back here for publication details of my travel how-to/funny stories book sometime in the future.

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