Helping Women

Resources that help women: Click on any of the titles or illustrations to be taken to the web site or blog

Blogging Women Blogging Women provides a directory of resources in the form of blogs created by women and that may be of interest to other women.
The Breast Cancer Site Click here every day to contribute (at no cost to you) to getting free mammograms for women.

Expat Women: A resource for women who live outside of their home country helping with everything from relationship issues to finding schools for your children.

Info For Health: This resource from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health aims to provide information on health issues including family planning, AIDS, and many other concerns.

Centro Las Libres: Works with women and legislators in the ongoing struggle for reproductive justice and freedom of choice in Mexico. Centro Las Libres en la lucha por la libertad de decidir en el ejercicio de los derechos sexuales y reproductivos.

Women for Women International: Works with women trying to rebuild their lives during and after war in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan.

Women Helping Women: Helps women, teens and girls take control of their lives by providing affordable services to them to deal with domestic violence, sexual abuse, divorce, depression, loss, self-esteem, peer pressure, relationships and addiction.