Transportation/><span style= - Save money and get somewhere by taking overnight transportation. A sweater for a pillow and a sarong for a blanket – ear plugs and a sleep mask help as well – and you are off to dreamland while your body is carried to your next destination. You’ve saved the cost of a hotel or hostel room, saved hours of mind-numbing travel (especially nice when going through areas of minimal voyeur interest), and you got to the next place you wanted to be. In most countries, this can comfortably be done on buses, trains (those with sleepers are especially nice) and planes.

- You may be surprised at the quality of buses in other countries, especially those where the average family doesn’t own one car per member. In Mexico, for example, buses feature seats that recline almost horizontally, provide hot and cold drinks and sandwiches, and show movies (the better bus lines have headsets so you don’t have to listen if you don’t want to). Don’t assume that all buses are chicken buses (literally, because people bring live birds on board – usually in cages). And, in any case, chicken buses can be fun for short distances as you’ll get a really good glimpse into how the locals travel.

- Buy air tickets on Tues. after airlines lower fares in response to others' discounts set on Mon. More:

- If you've more time than money, take buses & trains: it's cheap, often nice & you see more country. More:

- If it appears your cab driver doesn't know the area, tell him to stop and ask a local for directions. More:

- Take advantage of cheap flights to popular resort towns but look further afield for cheaper rooms. More:

- For cheaper air fares: use small, local airlines when traveling in countries abroad - they also travel to more destinations.

- Chicken buses (usually old school buses) are cheaper than car rentals and let you see local color you won't see from a car.

- Carry a map with your hotel indicated in the local language on it to show taxi drivers and others to get you back home.

- Don't tell a taxi or tuk tuk driver that this is your first time in town as he may take advantage and take the long way.

- Consider taking trains or buses instead of planes & cars for cheaper ways to travel & get to see more of the country too.

- Have the hotel/hostel reception write directions (there and back) in the local language for taxi drivers.

- In most foreign countries, it is best to avoid driving a car if the stress it causes takes away from your enjoyment of the place.

- Don't let a taxi or tuk tuk driver take you to his cousin's store for 'special bargains' before going to your destination.

- Avoid wearing belts, lace-up shoes, clunky metal jewelry and anything that might set off alarms when passing though airport security.

- Don't stick to your loyalty-points air line: there may be better fares elsewhere negating value of points.

- If you can afford to, keep a fund of money to buy flash discounted air fares on line. Some don't force you to specify dates so keep them for later use.

- Subscribe to electronic news service on air fare sales & specials through e-mail so that you can act quickly to get a good deal.

- Check airline fees in advance of your travels so that you get no surprises at the airport (check:

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