Health & Safety

La Difuntea

- One of the joys of traveling is sampling new foods and drinks….but these are most often avoided by wary travelers. Street food is cheap and delicious but you have to know what to look for: is the food cooked fresh; does the food cart look clean; are there many locals eating there; how is the food handled; how is the money handled; are foods that need refrigeration (mayonaise, dairy products) kept cool. In 26 months of traveling – and eating – around the world we did not once have food poisoning. Products we avoid just to be safe: mayo, milk, cream and any frozen product that looks like it may have melted and been refrozen (thanks to niece Evelyn).

- When arriving at your hotel, take a good look at the safety of its exterior and nearby streets.

- Take the business card of your hotel so that you can take a cab back if you get completely lost.

- Hide all of your valuables when going out to avoid becoming a target of pickpockets/thieves.

- Never change or withdraw large amounts of money at airport ATMs or money changers: many thieves are watching for this.

- Always take registered cabs, not private individuals: more crimes (mugging, kidnapping) occur in private cars than in taxis.

- Check windows and doors of your hotel room immediately for security problems and have the hotel/hostel deal with them.

- Pickpockets and other thieves really do congregate in markets, amusement parks, airports, bus stations, etc so watch your bags.

- Read, but don’t panic over, US Dept. of State Travel Warnings: troubles are often localized and may not affect you at all.

- Avoid any civil unrest/riots/demonstrations: you may be jailed and/or deported without a trial & banned from returning.

- Don’t travel with drugs or contraband items such as ivory, coral, endangered animal or wood products, or weapons.

- This one is obvious but often ignored: get your immunization shots and carry your yellow records card with you.

- Keep your passport, license, etc. at the hotel and carry only a laminated color copy of your documents.

- Make sure your travel insurance covers repatriation costs for you& partner in case of injury or illness & the need to return home.

- Carry baby-sized terrycloth towels to wipe sweat, clean & cool face, neck & hands. More:

- Wear your purse or camera bag (with a wide strap) diagonally across your chest and back to make it harder to rip off.

- Regularly upload your photos on line in case your camera or memory cards get stolen.

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