- For good, cheap food follow the locals to the freshest & safest street carts & eat what they eat.

- If told not to drink the water, avoid unpeeled & uncooked produce unless washed in purified water.

- It’s OK to point to another diner’s dish when ordering food if you don’t speak the language.

- China, restaurants serve the rice last: it’s okay to ask for it with the rest of your meal.

- In many countries waiters aren’t tipped, except in touristy places, but do leave something if someone has been helpful.

- If eating from street carts, check where locals go to get good food & avoid anything requiring refrigeration (mayo, milk).

- If they eat with their hands, you eat with your hands: your hosts will be pleased and honored you are following local custom.

- Hostels with guest kitchens help you save money as you cook your own meals using local products and you meet lots of great people.

- Many restaurants display on walls or in menus pictures of the food they serve to make it easier to order your dinner by pointing.

- Food markets are great places to sample bits of new foods you might not risk ordering as a full meal in restaurants.

- Find great, inexpensive souvenirs and gifts to take home, like sauces & spices, in grocery stores and food markets.

- You’d be surprised at how impressed Asians are that some Westerners can eat with chopsticks. They’ll love you.

- Avoid eating ice cream or any milk products that have been thawed and refrozen: a sure recipe for food poisoning.

- Vegetarians need to be clear that they eat no meat whatsoever (if that’s the case) as they may assume you don’t eat just red meat.

- If you’re staying somewhere long and have a chance to get used to tap water, skip bottled water in restaurants: very expensive.

- Carry your own powdered drink mixes to add to bottled water if you have trouble finding drinks you like.

- Buffet meals aren’t worth the cost unless you eat a lot: when eating at a buffet get your $’s worth by focusing on protein.

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