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- To reduce stress, start easy by going where people are more likely to speak your language.

- Shoulder season travel is cheaper than in summer: earliest in spring or latest in fall is best.

- Avoid crowds & high prices by going where others aren’t: Mexico, Egypt (check for safety first).

- Always learn local words for: hello, please, thank you, bathroom — & always smile as you say them.

- Balance your travel time between cities, small towns and the countryside: you’ll experience more facets of local life.

- Spend more time in fewer countries: you’ll see more, have more meaningful experiences & spend less money on transportation.

- Don’t travel on major legal holidays in foreign countries: everything will be overbook, expensive and packed with people.

- Why is a place so cheap to travel to? Check on weather, crime rates, etc. that might affect your fun.

- Check multiple sources of info: don’t rely on just one guide book, one newspaper travel section, one magazine.

- Check that the activities you want to do are operating at the time of year you’ll be visiting as many close during low season.

- Consider secondary locations for famous/popular events: skip Easter in Rome with its crowds and go north to Pisa instead.

- If unsure of the ethics of traveling to a particular destination (e.g.: Burma/Myamar), check with

Want to travel full time? Consider a portable career such as teaching English as a foreign language in other countries.

Take advantage of flight sales to popular spots but head to nearby towns rather than the tourist destinations advertised.

Read novels and biographies set in the country you’ll be visiting to get a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of it.

Check travelers’ blogs for ideas and up-to-date information about where you’re going. Often you can ask questions as well.

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