- Don’t overbook activities: 1 or 2 things a day is plenty when you’re dealing with stress of travel.

- Find cheap activities by joining locals at weekend markets, free concerts, parades, art sales, etc.

- Go ahead and try negotiating price on activities during low season: you might just get a deal.

- Walking tours of the city are cheap and allow you to see and learn a lot in a very short time.

- Find courage by trying something new you wouldn’t do at home: I’ve tried zip-lining, white-water rafting & many new foods.

- Define a theme or central purpose for your trip and do everything related to it: e.g.: art, folk music, food & wine, a sport.

- Consider a vacation volunteering abroad: you do good and you feel good by building houses, teaching English, saving animals.

- See a movie in the local language even if you don’t understand much: you’ll get a taste of the local culture.

- Dance classes are usually available through language schools: no long term commitments and cheap.

- Swim where the locals swim: they are more likely to know local conditions and any dangers present in the water.

- Consider a vacation to learn a new language or cuisine in a foreign land to learn more than just to speak or cook.

- If you plan to stay a while, check the cost of yearly memberships to national and state/provincial parks which are often cheaper than cost of several visits.

- Architecture appreciation groups often offer walking tours of cities for free, little money or for tips only.

- Hostels are better places than hotels for lone travelers to hook up with others to do activities, go on outings or get involved in local volunteer projects.

- Don’t know where to go next? Make a list of your favorite activities and then find new places you can do them.

- Consider lesser known locations for activities: skip cooking school in Mexico City, go to Guanajuato where it is cheaper, safer and lovelier.

- Inform yourself of the dangers of any activities you try and keep in mind that safety standards abroad aren’t always as high as at home.

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