She Did What? When?

November 1, 1959: Born in Hearst, Ontario (more» Town of Hearst) with family living in village of Ryland. I was named after a chambermaid working in parents’ five-room motel at the time of my birth.

August 1977: Leave home at 17 for one year of art school, followed by theatre school, then by a short career in theater, a couple of years of crappy jobs, returned to school to study journalism in 1983 (more» British Columbia Institute of Technology).

May 1983: Married long-time friend Jacob, a 28 year old American who, five months earlier, had fallen in love with me and scared the hell out of me when he moved from New York City to Seattle to be near me (I was living in Vancouver at the time).

Spring 1985: Started career in journalism writing and producing news stories for Canadian broadcasting and print media was followed by work in corporate communications, policy analysis, economic and community development (more» CBC Radio Montreal).

1990-1998: Worked in government doing communications and policy analysis while completing my Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration studying part-time at Ryerson in Toronto (more» Ryerson University).

1998-2006: Returned to school full-time to obtain my Masters in Business Administration and worked as a management consultant and non-profit program developer and director (more» Drucker Graduate School of Management, Claremont Graduate University).

February 2006: Quit our jobs, sold our Los Angeles suburb house, two cars and two motorcycles as well as practically everything else that we own.

April 2006: Started round the world trip with Jacob; visited 40 countries; spent five months in Mexico improving our Spanish; attempted to learn the polite and getting-by words of some 20 other languages; kept a travel blog for 26 months; started writing travel stories and developing ‘round the world travel advice book.

May 2008: Celebrated 25th Wedding Anniversary in Tahiti.

August 2008
: Settled in Mexico to write full time and do volunteer work with local human rights and reproductive health organization, Las Libres.

2009: Launched web site to communicate with readers and writers with similar interests; moved to San Jose, Costa Rica and started guest blogging as Boomer Traveler at: (

2009-2010: Left Costa Rica and traveled through Central America and Mexico to L.A. to see friends and family. Undertook a three-month tour of Europe — which we had to skip on the world tour as it was too expensive — and visited Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar for the first time. On this, our third visit to France, we were lucky enough to stay at friends’ apartment in Carcassonne for a month. We moved to Wenzhou, China for one year where husband Jacob teaches English as a foreign language and I’m completing my book proposal.